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Um, sorry to interrupt, but, um, I was wondering if you coudld help me get home? If there is a way, please no gross recipes."

The witch in the blue hood answered, "would you rather hear it from our mouths or from our masters?"

"Call'em. Let me see'em."

Then, out of the cauldron came a skull in a helmet. It said,

"Mark, Mark, Mark.

There is only one way,

one way only."

"He even knows my name." Mark muttered.

Then, out of the cauldron came another, a baby covered with blood.

"Mark, be tricky, bold and resolute.

None of Shakespeares's world shall guess."

Then it disappeared beneath the ooze.

"Guess what?" Mark asked. But it was too late.

Another one was appearing. It was a naked child (probably two years old) holding a tree branch. It said,

"Mark shall never homeward be,

till the witches three shall not

guess the riddle that from Mark shall be."

Then it, too, disappeared.

"So, a riddle, a riddle.. I know! What's big and red and eats rocks?" Mark asked them. Secretly he thought, they'll never guess this one.

"A dragon from the mountain."

"No, the legendary cockatrice," said the second.

"No, both of you," said the third. "It's the red cauldron of rocks."

"All right, all right, you've had your guesses. It's a Big Red Rock Eater," said Mark joyously. "Now, send me home."

"Here," the witch in the black hood took a quill and paper out of her robe. "Draw where you want to go.."

He drew his room, clean and with the bed on the side that he could see out of the window from. Then he stepped into it.

Instantly, Mark was surrounded by his clean room.

When his dad came in he said, "How in the world did you clean this!? And what about the bed Superman!?"

"Well, Dad, all's well that ends well."

His dad just stared.

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