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Princess Sweety

by Cayli West, age 8, from US

Once there was a dog king called King Scotty Dog
and his dog wife called queen Doggyrella.
They had a baby called Princess Sweety. Sweety helped the poor
and she helped the old dogs, but she wanted one more thing--
PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There was a fight coming soon,
and she didn't want the fight to go on. How could she stop it?
She got her friends to help, but they were no help.
So she started her idea, and she told all the dogs and cats
to meet her at the grave yard. All of them started to fight.
Then there was something in the sky. Princess Sweety was a
super woaen and she made it a happy land. Everybody was nice,
and they had a happy kingdom. Nobody else fought again,
but when the bears came that was a whole other story.


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