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The Cat Named Fat

by Andrew T., age 11, from US

Episode 1

Once there was a cat, that was named Fat.
He was very fat.
His body was made of skin,
because he had no bones to begin.

Episode 2

There was a man, that had quite a tan,
he got hot,
so he turned off his pot,
and turned on his brand new fan.

Episode 3

The cat blew away,
the cat's back started to sway,
his back was so soft,
he rolled off the loft,
and that's how the cat blew away.

Episode 4

He blew onto the street, he was grabbed by his feet,
a man took him away from there,
to keep him with the bears,
and now he is obsolete.

Episode 5

Today the cat is so obsolete, he has an oldies beat,
he now lives with the man,
who has a tan,
is an oldies beat so obsolete?



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