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by Hanna Rendin, age 8, from US


Spring has a mushroom top.

She has brown hair.

She wears a blue jean dress and yellow nail polish.

She wears light colored brown sandals.

Spring has star dangling earrings with short diamond ones on top.

She wears a green short sleeved blouse with pearl buttons.

She always smiles.


Autumn has red hair.

Her eyes are brown.

Her overalls are blue with copper buttons.

She always carries a wooden basket with a cover over it.

Under that cover is lunch or breakfast.

Autumn always has some where to go like in the woods,

by the creek, near the waterfall, and of course, her backyard!!


Summer has short blond hair.

He likes to run, read, write and swim.

Summer always wears sunglasses.

He drink lots of soda.

He runs around without any shoes on.

He has lots of sisters.

Their names are Spring, and Autumn,

and one brother named Winter.

Summer is the youngest of them all!


Winter wears a white sweatshirt and blue jeans.

He has blue eyes, and white boots.

He likes to make snow families, snow angels,

and especially, have a snow fight with his brother Summer.

Winter always has something to do

and somewhere to go like ice skating!


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