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Always and Forever

Shannon Wince, age 10, from US

Always and forever
I sit and wonder
Why God picked me
He took you away
From my family
Always and forever
I am told the future
Will be better
You wil see
But as I try
Life turns worse
Good turns bad
As I complete life's course
You were more than just YOU
You affected me too
Always and forever
I will cry
Knowing how it's hard
To say goodbye
All the time
You're in my heart
I know we're together
But still we're apart
I feel it's only me
No one I know can see
As my life turns bad
I know that I am quite mad
In my heart and my soul
I am crying to let you know
I'll see you in Heaven
If that's where I go
Always and forever
You should see
During your life
You were everything you could be

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