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by Aditi Malik, age 12, from India

A journey it is to the past,
Leaving memories which forever last,
A vague,blurry picture appears,
Sometimes making me laugh,sometimes bringing tears. 

A sweet memory of my childhood I see,
What an innocent child I used to be!
I see figures dancing gracefully,
Across my memory.

A dear memory of my parents I see,
They were the complete idols for me.
They taught me right from wrong,
They put me to sleep by singing a song.

Then suddenly a change comes about,
I move from the early past to what happened now.
I see myself becoming a doctor,
An ambition of life which I have finally conquered.

As I remember other little things,
I remember my past and all the joy it brings,
I see my entire world smiling down at me.
Through my memory.
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