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Lunch Money Meal

by Matthew Linder, age 10, from US

Rising in the morning, it's nearly 6am
Mom's making my lunch, probably cheese and ham.
"But maa!" I exclaim, "can't I have lunch money?"
"But I've made such a nice lunch! Just for you, honey!"
I would shuffle to the bus stop, with a pout upon my face
and when lunch time came 'round, I sat with my friend Grace
We traded carrots for celery, and we talked about our lunch
I had cold green beans & juice, she snack cakes and punch!
I couldn't figure it out. "What is the big deal!?"
I just wanted to eat...eat a lunch money meal.
Mom said "how about some swiss?" Dad said "get a job!"
My sister, Aimee gave me $2 just as I began to sob.
So thanks to my sister, I had a lunch money meal,
I had spagetti and punch and the whole deal!!
I went home to tell everyone about my lunch
I'm so glad I have a sister like I do, I love her a whole bunch.


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