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The Comment That Hurt

by Kat Capistrano

I did something stupid one day
I said something I didn't mean to say
I should have watched my mouth, but it slipped
The little comment that hurt came out
And now my conscience wishes to shout

I was just talking one day
When out from my lips I came to say
Something that wan't meant to be spread
But somehow it got stuck in his head
He told her what I said about her
It hurt her feelings, I'm sure

Someone came to me and talked that day
I was afraid and I walked away
I wish to say I'm sorry to her
I meant it from my heart, I meant it for sure

This isn't a plea to fix the relationship
But it's a plea to fix that mistake
And just a statement that everyone should take
Don't be talking behind someone's back
If they find out, you know you'll be getting a smack

Saying sorry is all you need to do
Don't worry, don't fret, or cry boo hoo
Say it like you mean it, this is for real
This advice will surely help you deal.


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