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by Ashleigh Proske, age 12, from US

Every single day I try to prove myself to you
But you just stomp me down
For everyhing I do I scrape down on my hands and knees
To prove that I'm a human too
But to find that it's not good enough for you
You think that you can walk on me
To cover up stones
You think you can be higher than me
But you don't even know
One day you'll wake up to see that you're all alone
You stepped on the ones you loved you
To meet someone that you don't want to know
You act as if you love me but you don't even know the word
How dare you even say it
It's a sin to the world
You have wrecked and traumatized
Everyone you know You don't even look back
As if it even happened
Vain is overwelmed in your soul
You laugh at others you have less than you
And the same for whom have more
You ripped my life into shreads
And through my heart on the floor
You called my name
And bragged about it for only two hours straight
But now you seem to hate and despise me
You could care less
You fake
You don't even know the word love don't say it
'Cause you'll just hurt me worse
You don't even know your own heart
You put your self into this curse
I thought I knew you
And that a sea could never pull us apart
But you cheated me and broke my heart
I wont ask for you back now
Though you're asking for me
Do you get pleasure in givving someone else pain
What do you plead
Go back to your cage now where you belong
But then I'll want you back
But for now so long
You tried to confuse me out of my head
You said you'd see me soon
But you just did it to drop my heart to the floor
Like lead
You do you think you are
Or you did I think you were
I thought somewere in there you were someone else
But I'm glad I got to know you
Before I fell
You cheated on me
You cheated on her
And all the others without a doubt
So don't lie
Tell me the truth
Come out
Your lies just hurt me even worse
Or do you even care
Why did you even try if you didn't plan on being there
You tell me to take a step back
To look to see whats there but now I'm telling you
And this time I don't care
I really hope you end up reading this
You traitor
You heart breaker
Then you'll know you're not the only one
You're with others
And you should care

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