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Love Hurts

by Baelynn Maxwell, age 11, from US

I don't know what happened today
I can't believe he did that
Why did he dump me
It happened to you again

He told me things were done with
He lead you on to thinking
I acted like I was happy
That you were the one for him

It all started at school
You didn't mean to do it
He was being really rude
But you began to like him a lot
I thought he would get over it
You thought he was perfect
It was only a bad mood
He was nice, funny, and hot

After class he didn't talk to me
Then the horrible night came
I knew something was wrong
Things were getting rough
He began to ignore me
He wasn't acting normal
Then lunch came along
You had had enough

We always meet by the Art room
You let all your emotions out
Before we go to lunch
You began to cry and sulk
But today he wasn't there
You called me up that night
I worried a whole bunch
And asked if we could talk

At lunch he didn't talk to me
I didn't know what to say
I didn't know what to do
I didn't know what to do
I went through with it though
You told me what had happened
I needed someone new
I felt so sorry for you

He was so mean to me
I knew how it felt though
I couldn't take it anymore
I had been there before
I knew he liked other girls
It's a feeling you hate
I was tired of being ignored
But it's hard to ignore

"I" was his girlfriend
I tried to comfort you
"I" was the one he loved
I tried to make it better
He treated me like crap though
I kept telling myself
I was below and he was above
"Don't make her cry, Don't let her"
He thinks he is so popular
I told you things would be okay
He thinks he can get any girl
I told you not to worry
I know people that hate him though
Just to let your emotions out
He's living in his own world
Don't hide all that fury

I can't trust him anymore
You finally got through the night
He has changed a hole lot
Now you face the days ahead
He used to be so sweet to me
Maybe now you won't fall in love
I Love him, I Love him not
And take things slow instead

I don't THINK I like him
I give you credit though
But I KNOW I love him inside
You have been so strong
It's a feeling I can't explain
I really hope you know by now
My heart is knotted and tied
That you've done nothing wrong

My friends keep changing
Don't worry about him
There's only a few I can trust
Or any other male
Most of them are liars
Relationships succeed
But I'm not going to fuss
But sometimes they will fail

I know this stuff happens
I want you to know
Though it's never been this bad
I'm here for you still
I don't know how to handle it
Though some guys give up
I've been depressed, happy, and sad
I know I never will

I don't know how to deal with it
Without him, it's love I lack
I know he doesn't treat me right
But I still want him back

God, please help me get through this
What should I do from here
I hate him so much
But I love him so dear


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