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by Lindsay M. Young, age 9, from US


Millie...is my pet.
She's slobbery and her mouth is wet.
She has a wet cold nose,
That's really as wet as a hose!
She can almost here anything.
She can hear me softly swing!

She loves looking out the window.
And when she does, her ears go up not fast, but slow.
She loves to snuggle in her beanbag chair,
She gets on very soft and slow with care.
Yesterday she kissed me with her big wet tongue.
It wobbled, flopped, it swung, it hung.

She also loves to eat flowers and things,
But not birdies or feathers from one of their wings.
When she was little she slobbered on the rug,
But we didn't mind, we just gave her a hug!
When she was little, we got her a bed,
And did I mention that she doesn't shed?

She sleeps all day,
And loves to lay.
And when she closes her eyes to sleep,
She hardly makes a little peep.
She lays upside down and shows her belly,
ThatŐs full of food from the Shopping Deli.

When she takes a bath she looks like a rat,
But she doesn't hate it as much as a cat.
And when you spill something from a cup,
As quick as a wink she cleans it up!
She's not messy or sloppy, but really a hog.
Have you guessed? Do you know it? Of course!



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