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Dolphin Dreams

by Leah Parkinson, age 12, from UK

I stand on a rock,
Overlooking the ocean at sunset.

Beneath the waves,
A silver streak Slicing through the ocean deep.
A smart, smooth, sleek dolphin,
Surging above to catch its breath.
Escaping the coolness as it takes ours.
Soon it drops below again,
To the exquisite world beneath the waves.
Beneath the rippled surface,
It dances, Skimming the earthbottom.
The whales echo resounding silence,
Movements about, faces devout
And then, the dolphins make themselves known.

The phosphorescent water becomes dull,
As the shadows of the future creep.
An oozing oil-slick of nightmares
Choke a sea of dolphin dreams.
Eyes closing,
Conscious fading,
But vision still betraying.
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