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The Unicorn

by LacyBell, age 10, from US

As the heavenly creature grazed,
it moved its blue eyes and gazed.
It thought of its old world and closed
its eyes so slowly,
It thought of humans it had met,
they had been very lowly.
It had left the world of human's minds,
leaving all that glory behind.
but now it was in better place,
where they could play and race.
But every so often, one would try
to make people believe.
Some would succeed.
So they agreed
on a plan.
They would combine powers to make them viable to those
who thought they
weren't fake.
So if your heart is true,
you might see a wave of white among the blue.
And if your heart believes,
you might see a ripple of white among the
And you will know,
it was a unicorn.

"The Unicorn"
by Laurie Wilson, from US

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