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Parents and children may think it would be difficult having to wear the exact same thing every day of the week. One school in Memphis. Tennessee has solved this problem by allowing students to wear their normal clothing to school on Fridays, which are considered "casual" days.

Some people think that if uniforms were required in schools, some families would not be able to afford them. However, in most communities, school districts will give uniforms to families for free if they cannot afford them. In most of the school districts that don't give them out for free, children could get used uniforms from students that have graduated from the school. This would help poorer families afford uniforms.

Also, the uniform policy protects students' freedom of religious expression. All uniform policies must accommodate students whose religious beliefs are affected by a uniform policy. An example of this is students who wear head scarves or yarmulkes for religious reasons. Religious items of clothing or accessories, such as necklaces, would be allowed in school, as long as they did not violate the uniform policy.

My opinion on the school uniform issue is that uniforms should be mandatory
in public schools. Even though only a small number of students cause trouble, uniforms might prevent students who are fine now from causing trouble in the future. In addition, even though some people think it may violate the first amendment, there are equal arguments, which say it does not. After reviewing a great deal of information about the school uniform issue, I feel that school uniforms should be mandatory in public schools.



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