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The evidence supporting mandatory uniforms in public schools far outweighs
the arguments against them. For instance, Long Beach Unified School District was the first district in the United States to require students to wear uniforms to school. They conducted a survey on the effect of uniforms, and the results of the survey show that uniforms work. After requiring uniforms, there has been a 51% drop in physical fights, and a 32%f drop in suspensions. There was also a 50% drop in weapon offenses. If you look at all these statistics, they show that uniforms work.

Uniforms do many things to make schools better places to learn. First, in some parts of the nation, kids are getting hurt and even killed over expensive clothing. A child wearing "Air Jordan" shoes was hurt badly, because a kid attacked him and stole them. By requiring uniforms, everyone would have the same clothing on, so no one would have a reason to steal other people's clothing.

Also, there have been problems with intruders coming into schools. Since every student in the school would have the same uniform on, teachers and principals could immediately tell when intruders were in the school, because the intruders would not be wearing the school uniform.

Last, if some kids from a gang were in the school they would probably want to wear gang logos and colors to school. Uniforms would prevent this from happening. This might even prevent kids from joining gangs, because there are no logos or colors to influence students.


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