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Sports Illustrated for Kids Vol. 2

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

"Sports as a metaphor" for life approach teaches kids about responsibility, self-control, and the importance of teamwork. Volume two features Derek Jeter, Venus Williams and Steve Young. Adult comments: Practice makes perfect! Shows excellent attitudes from positive role models. The athletes' personal lives led to a discussion of hobbies, ability and endurance. Presents the message: "take pride in what you do." Excellent editing transitions. Kids comments: Presents a variety of sports such as karate and snowboarding. Kids appreciate the honesty of athletes having hard times. "It's nice to know about women in sports." Offers good advice on practicing, teamwork and working hard in order to be your best.

Age: 8-12
Length: 50 min.
Suggested Retail Price: $14.98

Available from: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

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