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Tots TV: The Tots and the Lovely Bubbly Surprise

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Watch as Tiny's Bolsa Magica (magic bag) provides a gift for the giraffe. Find out who can build the tallest Tot's Tower. Smile as Tilly, Tom and Tiny discover the magic of bubble making. Adult Comments: Interesting and humorous. Tots' antics bring back childhood memories. Reinforce positive themes that children recognize such as respect, sharing and playing with others. Colors are warm and realistic, voices are gentle. Lots of diversity. Kid Comments: All thumbs up! Children talked about bubbles, blew bubbles and stacked towers all the next day. Lots of conversation about what they could use for bubbles and safe things to stack. "I like the bubbles." "I have never seen a giraffe."

Age range: 2-5
Length: 35 min.
Suggested Retail Price: $12.95

Available from: Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company

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