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Good Morning Good Night: A Day on the Farm

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Enjoy a day on the farm. Wake up with a little child and watch how all the farm animals get up. Everyone has something to eat. Then it's time to play. Did you know that pigs play ball? After all the fun, it's time to sleep. Accompanied by folk songs. Adult Juror Comments: The whole program is gentle and positive. Shows good views of basic farm animal behaviors. Simple production, with upbeat music and a slow pace. Helpful resources are included - a song book and recommended activities. Very age-appropriate. Kid Juror Comments: Kids moved along to the music. They liked seeing the muddy pig and the boy feeding the dog. The younger kids pointed out which animals they recognized and compared them to ones they had seen. They wanted to know why there weren't any cows.

Age: 1-3
Length: 17min.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.95

Available from: Bo Peep Productions, Inc.

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