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Dr. Bip's New Baby Tips

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Dr. Bip, an animated character, explains to young children what to expect when mommy and daddy bring home a new baby. Addresses the emotional aspects, as well as some practical, common sense health tips for kids. Adult Juror Comments: Addresses jealousy, responsibility and safety. May motivate questions for siblings. Bip is appealing to some but many found his rhyming narration annoying. The language used is not always age-appropriate. Stereotypical gender representations, lacks diversity. Kid Juror Comments: Appeals to those who are expecting a brother or sister. Kids remembered the safety tips: "Never let go and never pick up the baby without an adult. It's slippery." Kids didn't care for the rhyming. The content was often missed due to the rhyming.

Age Recommended: 3-6
Suggested Retail Price: $ 14.95

Available from: Kidz-Med, Inc. (phone: 205-361-6216)

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