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Bear in the Big Blue House Vol. 4

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Bear's got a case of the sniffles and he's taking some quiet time. Now everyone is helping to make him feel better. With all this help, Bear will be back on his feet in no time. Adult Juror Comments: Characters are friendly and sincere. Plots are simple and well paced. They show self respect and compassion for others. Production is colorful without being garish. Listening is required in this show. Develops language and problem-solving skills. Kid Juror Comments: Kids throughly enjoyed this. The humor is perfectly suited to their sensibilities. The children loved the different characters. They're furriness and expressive features make them appealing yet not cutesy. "I could watch this every day."

Age: 2-5
Length: 50min.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 9.95,

Available from: Jim Henson Company

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