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Baby Songs: Baby Sings Good Night

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Contains ten original songs by Hap Palmer with live-action toddler shots. These original lullabies and gentle songs are designed to appeal to both toddlers and parents. Adult Juror Comments: Super, well produced. Sweet and calming, well-paced. Appropriate mix of fantasy and reality from dancing bears to real children playing with dolls. Age appropriate images shown such as sleeping, playing with parents, parents leaving and returning. Kid Juror Comments: Kids really liked the songs. The three and four-year-olds sang and danced to them. Even two and four-month-olds watched for 15 minutes. All enjoyed the on-screen babies. "We like the songs." One three-year-old wanted to watch it again immediately.

Age: 6m-5
Length: 30 min.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 12.98

Available from: Anchor Bay Entertainment

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