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Baby Mozart

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Infants and toddlers will view a parade of colorful objects, the sorts of items parents and children can name aloud. The simple visuals are accompanied by the music of Mozart in arrangements and instrumentation designed to appeal to youthful ears. Adult Juror Comments: The toys, movements of objects and animals are captivating. Creative use of objects draw attention to the wonderful music of mozart. Very age appropriate. "The breaks between sections give the child a chance to rest their eyes before the next picture Kid Juror Comments: Lots of laughter. Children seemed more attentive to mozart and requested replays. "I know that song!" Children identified several objects and what it was doing. At the end of the tape children requested more "dance" music.

Age: 0-2
Length: 30min.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 15.95,

Available from: The Baby Einstein Company

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