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A Fishy Tale

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Mumfie, an elephant, and his best friend, Scarecrow, win a gold fish at the local fair. Sadly, they learn they can't keep it, set out to find the perfect home for it and end up helping others along the way. Adult Juror Comments: Cute, friendly, good animation. Appropriate content about sharing, cooperating, families, and caring for animals. Approaches emotional aspects of issues. "Why is the cloud sad?" Humor is more suited to adults than kids. Refers to past shows. Kid Juror Comments: Fun, good music. Kids enjoyed the friendship theme and related to the characters. They asked why an elephant, pig and scarecrow would be friends. Title is misleading. Only the first story is about a fish. They kept asking to see the fishy video.

Age: 2-5
Length: 45 min.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 12.98

Available from: BMG Video

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