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A Busy Day

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

A busy day at Lil' Iguana's house means making huge bubbles, unpacking special delivery boxes, cleaning out the refrigerator, deciding whether to put jelly doughnuts on pizza, and figuring out a mixed up story, not necessarily in that order. Adult comments: Well produced. Quirky subject matter. The timing is too fast for significant audience participation. The characters and stories are appealing but some of the content is slow and uneven. Seems a little forced and stilted. Kids comments: Kids enjoyed learning bubble making, the pizza inventing and the "day at the beach" sections best. Kids liked using "yum" and "yuck" as descriptors. Some children really responded to the iguanas. "The adults taught us good things about fresh food."

Age: 3-5
Length: 30M
Suggested Retail Price: $0

Available from: WABU-TV 68

  new | character development | educational
fantasy/adventure | pre-school | parents | sports/how-to

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