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Enchanted Tales: The Legend of Su-Ling

A far Eastern fairy tale classic springs to life in this richly animated Enchanted Tale of a handsome Prince, the peasant girl he is forbidden to love and the tiny nightingale who holds the key to their happiness. Adult Comments: Pleasant storyline; teaches values of love, work and family. Great concept, showed a strong female character and sensitive male hero. Artistic animation in vivid color. Sophisticated language. Discusses happiness, history, culture. Catchy songs. Kid Comments: Kids enjoyed Su-Ling's character, the cat and the songs. "Chinese people have fairytales too!" "Girls can protect their families too, not just men can be strong." "Is there another video about Su-Ling?"

Age range: 6-10
Length: 48 min.
Suggested Retail Price: $9.89

Available from: Sony Wonder

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