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Dennis the Menace Strikes Again

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

America's favorite menace is back! When Dennis' grandfather moves in, Mr. Wilson feels he must keep up with his rival. Wilson is conned by bogus ways of regaining his youth. Dennis saves the day by getting Mr. Wilson into precarious situations. Adult Juror Comments: Dennis is an appealing child--polite, well-meaning and kindhearted. Older characters are loving, understanding and overall charming. Good entertainment with plenty of surprises. Common humor is a little too slapstick, and it contains some inappropriate language and poor behavior. Kid Juror Comments: Kids enjoyed the slapstick humor, the story line and funny jokes. They appreciated that Dennis tried to do the right thing and be nice. Although they commented "Girls are not well respected, and older people are treated as though they are stupid.

Age Recommended: 6-12
Suggested Retail Price: $19.94

Available from: Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

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