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An American Tail

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

The delightful animated tale of Fievel, the brave little mouse who journeys from Russia to America with his family to seek a new life free from cat persecution. When Fievel gets lost at sea and washes ashore in the New York Harbor, his adventure begins. Adult Juror Comments: Engaging story, beautiful animation, catchy songs and lovable characters. Fievel takes you on his journey with him. Brings up issues of friendship, death and separation. A bit scary for younger kids. Led to discussions about emigration, culture and language. Kid Juror Comments: Kids were rooted to their seats, they loved Fievel's sweetness. Older kids liked the action and suspense. They knew it'd all turn out in the end. Kids learned: "Never give up, keep trying. America is a place to find hope."

Age Recommended: 5-10
Suggested Retail Price: $19.98

Available from: Universal Studios Home Video

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