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Handel's Last Chance (The Composers' Specials)

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

James, a Dublin street kid, is enrolled in an upper crust school where he is treated like an outsider. He is befriended by Handel and chosen as a principal choirboy for "The Messiah." Jamie is rescued by Handel. The "Messiah" is a huge success. Adult Juror Comments: Beautifully produced. Provides an excellent introduction to the "Messiah" with a wide range of humor, music, values and historical commentary. Shows how new friends support one another. It's somewhat harsh and scary at times. It's moves rather slow. Kid Juror Comments: Held kids attention. They thought it was amusing and that it looked realistic. "I learned how to respect when the boy was singing." Kids liked how it dealt with bullies. "I liked when Handel tells Jamie, "listen to the voice deep inside your heart."

Age: 8-12
Length: 51min.
Suggested Retail Price: $ 19.95

Available from: Devine Entertainment Corp.

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