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Families of Japan

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Description: Spend a day with Seichi and Ayako's farm and city families and take in Sports Day, a silent piano, feeding chickens, grocery shopping, an engagement ceremony, rice planting and calligraphy. How are these kids' lives similar or different from our own? Adult comments: Nice pace, very educational, thorough presentation. Shows how respectful Japanese children are towards each other. Presents a high regard for education and self responsibility. Particularly well suited to kids exploring geography and other cultures. Kids comments: Kids liked that Japanese children do the same things they do: tug of war, basketball and tennis. They noticed that they have more letters to learn. "Now I know how rice is planted." Favorite parts: Sports Day, Sumo wrestlers, a day in school.

Age: 5-10
Suggested Retail Price: $29.95

Available from: Arden Media Resources

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