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Pirate Island

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

Description: How would you like a treasure chest of valuable learning adventures? Benjamin Ouid, the pirate, his parrot, Yappy, and monkey, Mappy, help youngsters discover the rewards of unexpected acts of kindness and the priceless value of good friends. Adult comments: Great plot, well thought out. A colorful, original production with pleasant scenery, cheery songs and enthusiastic, respectful characters. Encourages language, singing and expressive movement. Language is very age-appropriate. A bit "sappy" at times. Kids' comments: The girls tend to like the music; the boys liked the pirate. Kids felt it was morally uplifting. "I wanted to learn the songs." "All the people were nice to each other. We would love to find a buried treasure." They were captivated by the pirate.

Age: 3-7
Suggested Retail Price: $14.95

Available from: Featherwind Productions

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