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Madame Blueberry

reviewed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Media

It's a lesson in thankfulness in this story about a very blue berry. Madame Blueberry wants more stuff even though she has everything she needs. She and her friends learn that "being greedy makes you grumpy, but a thankful heart is a happy heart." Adult comments: Excellent production: music is catchy, animation is flawless, has brilliant colors and is very imaginative. Humorously teaches a lesson about greed and thankfulness. Helps kids explore their emotions. Contains unnecessary racial stereotyping. Kids comments: Children learned that you don't need a whole lot of stuff to be happy. They were amused when Madam Blueberry bought so many her house crashed. They notice stereotypical representations of people of different cultures. Loved the humor and the music.

Age: 3-8
Length: 30 min.
Suggested Retail Price: $12.99

Available from: Cushman/Amberg Communications for Big Idea

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