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Tonka Search & Rescue

reviewed by Nicky Evers, age 6, from US

I have interviewed my child Nicky, 6 years old, about his reactions to the software, Tonka Search and Rescue. Here are his comments in quote.

"You're in the jungle and have to rescue animals that are escaping - there are things falling, and you have to bring the animals to this guy who has a flag and bring him the truck that saves the day.

Someone had to help me start up the game - it was hard to start up the truck - what I really liked is that when you've done a really good job, they give you a prize and I like that. I also like saving the animals and saving the day. What I liked the most was the prize and what I liked the least was how hard it was to drive.

We did not need to call anyone for help - and I think all kids would like the game, probobly from when they're 4 to when they're teenagers. Thank you for letting me keep the game".

Available from: Hasbro Interactive

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
66mhz 486 or faster
2X CD-ROM drive or faster
SVGA video card 640X480, 256 colors
Windows compatible sound device

For Macintosh
Mac 68040 33MHz
CD-ROM Drive (double speed)
System 7.1 or higher
Color monitor (640X480, 256 colors)

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