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Dr. Seuss Preschool

reviewed by Dr. Roy's class, ages 4-5, from US

We had a chance to play with Dr. Seuss Preschool from Brøderbund. We had a lot of fun with it, but we saw that you can learn a lot from it too. It is easy to learn to use, and we did not have to ask an adult for help, even when we started. We liked the music, the shapes and the colors. We did not like that you had to listen to the introduction and could not skip it, because it seems like you have to wait a long time to start playing.

It is fun to work with a friend when you play with this program. We all wanted lots of turns and did not want to stop playing. The games are very easy to use and teach you numbers and letters. We are very glad we got this program and really like it a lot better than some others that we have tried.

We felt the program was best for children who are learning letters, numbers, shapes and how to read from the beginning. So we think this program is best for children starting at around three or four years old, up until they learn to read. We would recommend this for you, or someone you know, who likes to play with computers and is around this age.

Available from The Learning Company


Macintosh CD-ROM:

Macintosh and PowerPC
System 7.1 or higher
20 MHz 68040 processor or faster; PowerPC
Minimum 20 MB hard disk space
2X CD-ROM drive or faster
640x480 display, 256 colors

Windows CD-ROM:

Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
66 MHz 486DX or faster
8 MB RAM for Windows 3.1 (16 MB recommended); 16 MB RAM for Windows 95
Minimum 20 MB hard disk space
2X CD-ROM drive or faster
640x480 display, 256 colors (High and True Color supported for Windows 95)
Windows compatible sound device
Video & sound cards compatible with DirectX for Windows 95

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