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Arthur's Birthday

reviewed by Anthony Childs, age 6, from US

I found this game to be a little hard, but, I was able to finish the story three times. Arthur's Birthday was very easy to install. I didn't even have to install it. All I had to do was double click on the file, and it did the rest.

If you like Arthur, you will love Arthur's Birthday. You will have fun being at his birthday party with him and all his friends. I ran Arthur's Birthday on my brothers Macintosh. He has a Power Macintosh 6100. I had tons of fun playing this game. Arthur's Birthday was neat and the computer let me play with Arthur and his friends in the story. I liked the part when the characters got their stuff for the birthday party.

I didn't like the girls at the birthday party and I didn't like the clue part of the game. I wish the girls weren't in the game. I think that kindergartners and first graders, and also kids from ages 3-10 would like this game. You would need almost no computer talent to play this game.

Available from The Learning Company

Minimum System Requirements:

Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
66mhz 486 or faster
2X CD-ROM drive or faster
SVGA video card 640X480, 256 colors
Windows compatible sound device

Macintosh and Power PC
System 7.1 or higher
20mhz 68040 processor or faster; Power PC
6MB RAM free
2X CD-ROM drive or faster
Monitor: 13 inch or larger, color, 256

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