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NumberMaze Challenge

reviewed by Fran Lowitz, a teacher from US

After reviewing NumberMaze Challenge, I have some yahoos, as well as some recommendations. First let me say that the installation onto the Macintosh couldn't have been easier. The disk almost installed itself!

The graphics and sound quality were quite beautiful. The word problems and set-up for solving the problems were very well done as well. We also found the tutorials to be quite helpful.

The introduction, I found to be too tedious and non-informative. I wish there were a way to bypass the introduction totally. Once Corinda appeared, some directions were given, but she never explained how to use the arrow keys to get around the maze. I had to refer to the manual to find out the directions.

The most frustrating feature of the program is the way the arrows did not reflect the same direction of the footsteps shown on the maze. I don't think that an elementary-school-aged child can understand that you have to press the up arrow if you want the feet to move in the same direction they are pointing (even if they are pointing to the left or right of the screen). I think the program could be vastly improved if the arrows and footsteps worked together. In other words, if you want to turn left, you should be able to press the left arrow and the footsteps should turn to the left too.

Another problem we encountered was the slow speed. Many of my students pressed the arrows a second time because there was no reaction after the first time, only to find that the footsteps passed the direction they intended them to go. After several attempts they realized that if they pressed once on an arrow, the feet moved two times. That is a very difficult concept for a young child. If these several improvements could be made, the program would have a four-star rating from me. Its educational values would certainly shine through.

Available from Great Wave Software

Recommended Ages:
Grades K-6

System Requirements:


System 7.0 and up
68040 processor or Power PC
13" color monitor, 256 colors
double speed CD-ROM drive.


IBM or 100% compatible 486 or better
Windows 3.1 or 95,
4MB RAM, VGA/SVGA (256 colors)
double speed CD-ROM drive
Windows-compatible sound board.
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