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reviewed by 5th Graders

MathHeads is designed to help kids ages 10 to 14 develop pre-algebra skills, solve word problems, practice making mental calculations, and build logical thinking and estimation skills. When you start MathHeads, you tune into "MathHead TV interactive network," a simulated television network. Each of the "shows" on the network involves using math skills, such as computing fractions, decimals, percentages and equivalencies. For example, you need to do multiplication, fractions, and percentages in your head to solve the word problems on a celebrity game show. "Infomercials" teach easy tricks for doing mental calculations. In one game, you collect graphics as you solve math problems, so that you can make your own music video.

Here's what some 5th graders have said about MathHeads:

MathHeads was fun, because you can make your own music video. What's fun also is that you can play a tic-tac-toe sort of game. There's only one thing I didn't like about it, and that was when the people talk, their lips don't go along with it. Otherwise MathHeads is really fun.

Mallory Lukasik

What I liked about MathHeads was that all the games were really fun. The heads and bodies were really funny. I think the remote control was pretty cool, because you can change to different channels and games. I liked the part where you can make your own music video. I also liked how the bodies and heads can move. I think the hardest game was the dancing one. It was hard to find where the answer was in that game.


Recommended Ages: 10 to 14


Macintosh LCIII or better with 8 Mb RAM
10 Mb available hard disk space
13" 256-color monitor
double-speed CD-ROM drive
System 7.1 or higher
(Accelerated for Power Macintosh)

486/25 MHz
8 Mb RAM (5 Mb free RAM)
256-color VGA monitor
double-speed CD-ROM drive
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
16-bit Windows-compatible sound card, mouse, speakers

Available from:


phone: 800-955-TRIX
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