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Big Science Comics

reviewed by 5th Graders

Big Science Comics is a software program designed to inspire scientific thinking in 8- to 12-year-olds. It stars cartoon characters called "Bumptz" who have been shipwrecked. The object of the game is to lead them back to their spaceship by creating simple machines out of everyday objects. You perform experiments and observe what happens as a way of figuring out how best to get the Bumptz back to the ship. For example, in one experiment, you drop the Bumptz into a sink full of water to see how density makes a difference and to observe what happens when you add salt to the water. In another experiment, you make Bumptz of different sizes bump into each other, creating a chain reaction that sends the last Bumptz into the target.

Here's what some 5th graders in California said about the game:

Big Science is an awesome game. The experiments are very fun. I love how the little Bumptz talk, float, and fling through the air. All of the experiments taught me more about science. Clicking into Mo's notebook and putting him into the experiments is cool too. I think that it would be more fun if there were more experiments. Big Science is a fun game to pilot.

Nick Dikas

The game called Big Science was the best computer game I've played. The hardest level was when the Bumptz were trying to get into the barn to get back into their spaceship to go home. You should make another game like Big Science. I hope you do, because I want to try it.

Joey Peralta

The new computer game, Big Science, is great. The realistic voices and movements keep you interested the whole time. All the challenging games are so fun that I want to restart the whole game, just to play it again. There are only a few things I think Theatrix should do to improve the game: 1) the clues don't help all that much, and 2) there should probably be a box that tells you what to do (instead of the animal).

Mia Cesano

I really enjoyed piloting Big Science. I loved Mo the mouse and all of the little Bumptz. It was interesting trying to balance Bumptz and get spoons out of sinks. I think the Bumptz should have talked more instead of just saying "Pick me, pick me!" Also, some parts of the game were a little hard to follow, but other than that, I loved it.

Brian Burnham

I enjoyed the Big Science CD. It would have been easier to follow in the beginning, if the directions were on the screen. I liked the Bumptz. They were funny, but Mo's voice was hard to understand sometimes, and it got annoying in some parts. I liked the introduction, but I wish the game were longer. Overall, I'd give it a 98 out of 100!


Recommended Ages: 8 to 12


Macintosh LCIII or better with 8 Mb RAM
13" 256-color monitor
double-speed CD-ROM drive
System 7.1 or higher
(Accelerated for Power Macintosh)

486/25 MHz
8 Mb RAM
256-color VGA monitor
double-speed CD-ROM drive
Windows 3.1 or Windows 95
16-bit Windows-compatible sound card, mouse, speakers

Available from:


phone: 800-955-TRIX
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