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KidSpeak Spanish

reviewed by Aaron Pava


KidSpeak Spanish by Transparent Language is one of the best software packages I've seen for teaching kids to learn another language. The installation is a breeze, and the application runs straight from the CD-ROM. Instantly the user is greeted by Pepa, the Spanish-speaking cartoon and her crazy horse who lead the learner through the multiple activities.

Although the program recommends users ages 6 and up, I believe adults could as easily enjoy this program s much as kids. I personally found the Sesame Street-style animations fairly amusing and I played them a few times over before moving on to the next screens. In the 123's area I played Bingo, Dominos and Connect the Dots in Spanish, before moving on to the pictogram-like Tic-Tac-Toe for my ABC's lesson. In addition, I discovered how to tell the time, the days of the week, the names of the months, and simple sentences phrases.

Some users might find the program intimidating at first, since it is solely in Spanish, although I quickly began to enjoy the immersion approach. The music and animations will keep the learner engaged, and with over 40 different interactive games and activities, it is difficult to get bored with this program. (Plus printable activity sheets, official diplomas, a parent's guide and a free T-shirt are all included, too!)

Researchers have proven children learn easier and faster when they acquire a second language, and develop stronger problem-solving and analytical skills. If you want to learn Spanish in a fun way, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of KidSpeak Spanish.

Available from Transparent Language


Macintosh System 7.1 or better
68040 or better
CD-ROM drive
standard built-in speakers

Windows 95 or Windows 98
486 or higher
CD-ROM drive
1 MB SVGA card or better display
standard sound card and multimedia speakers

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