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She's So Lovely

reviewed by Vivian Rose, age 14, from US

"She's So Lovely" has your typically perfect John Travolta role. He is really cut out for roles like these, in which he does what I've heard described as his "Travolta bad guy act." Not that he's really a bad guy here; he just somehow brings that aura to every role in which he comes in contact with a gun. Unfortunately, the moviegoer waits nearly an hour before Travolta shows up. Much fighting , punching swearing and violence show up, first.

One hour into the movie, Travolta's wife of ten years now wishes to leave him and their young children for her old boyfriend - who happens to have been in the looney bin for the past ten years - and probably should have remained there. However , she's not all there herself it seems , and she wants to run right back into his arms now that he's out of the funny farm. Naturally, wealthy Travolta is shocked, outraged, angry, and, of course, just crazy enough himself to pack a pistol.

Travolta conveys all these emotions splendidly, and makes this movie worth seeing - more than once. But don't take young children - the violence is there, as well as a lot of swearing.

My rating : 4 stars , 2 thumbs up , and another trip to the movie theatre for Travolta's latest picture.

Rating : PG

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