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reviewed by Vivian Rose, age 14, from US

Imagine an angel who smokes, chases women, and looks like John Travolta. Yes, it's the archangel Michael (played by John Travolta, of course) in the movie, "Michael."

Darcy Winters (Andie MacDowell), a dog trainer, poses as an "angel expert" to get a job at a tabloid. With two experienced reporters and the tabloid's mascot, a dog, she sets out to investigate a so - called angel.

That would be Michael, who flew down from heaven to assist an old woman with a small-town motel. When she dies, Michael accompanies Darcy and the reporters back to Chicago, where their tabloid is based. Along the way, he manages to start a barroom brawl , subsequently landing the four of them in jail, and create a few small miracles. Not to mention that he also manages to consume more sugar than a hyperactive four-year-old. In one disgusting scene, he even puts sugar on french fries instead of ketchup! Gag me!

Rent this delightful film today mostly because of its light nature, and superb acting by John Travolta, Andie MacDowell, William Hurt, Robert Pastorelli, and Bob Hoskins.

My rating : 3 and a half stars

Rating : PG

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