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The In Crowd

Reviewed by Vivian Rose, age 15, from the US

"The In Crowd" is your average horror movie: it doesn't stink, but it's not the greatest. As the title suggests, the movie is about an in crowd of rich kids vacationing at a posh resort. The perfect, popular Britney makes friends with a staff member - who has recently been released from a mental hospital. You've got your psychotic behavior right there. However, several other characters act pretty nutty too. You have to give "The In Crowd" credit for throwing together a group of seriously screwed up people. Everyone has a deep, dark secret. I wouldn't want to spoil the plot, but I'll give you a hint - the murderer is not who you probably suspect. However, that is often the case with horror movies. "The In Crowd" wins no big originality points. Certainly this is no "Scream". However, even though the cast contains no "big names", it is capable. The characters are as interesting for a while, although they eventually get tiresome. The word that keeps coming to mind when I think of this movie is "average". I would recommend seeing "The In Crowd" - but don't pay to see it in theatres, just rent it.

Rating: PG-13 (For violence and sexual content)

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