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The Out of Towners

reviewed by Vivian Rose, age 14, from US

"Out of Towners" is a droll, farcical comedy starring Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin.

They are a middle-aged couple whose youngest child, a grown-up son, has just moved out. Meanwhile, their oldest daughter decides to drop out of medical school to become an actress in New York - after they've shelled out $50,000 in tuition! No wonder Martin gets mad at her.

To complicate matters, Martin has recently lost his job, but hasn't told Hawn. When they fly to New York City for his new job interview, she still doesn't know.

Even before they arrive, things begin to go wrong. Their place is detoured to another city and doesn't reach New York until hours later; after being mugged (in a hilarious scene) by a robber claiming to be Broadway playwright Andrew Lloyd Webber, of all people, they finally make it to their hotel. (You'd think they'd be smart enough not to fall for such a ridiculous ploy, but it is wonderfully funny.) At that point, their only credit card is rejected, as their daughter has gone on a major spending spree. The hotel's cross- dressing manager (John Cleese) unceremoniously kicks them out until they have money.

Although I thought the premise and plot of the film seemed just a little weak, the terrific cast and nonstop comedy kept it moving at a quick pace - and kept me thoroughly entertained. This movie doesn't offer any profound insights, but hey, it's a comedy, it's light, it's fun - I loved it.

My rating: 3 stars

Rating : PG-13 (for some sex and drug-related humor)

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