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Bring It On

Reviewed by Vivian Rose

Aside from being a dumb teen movie, "Bring It On" seems as if it isn't even trying to be comical. The few weak jokes in this film are few and far between.

Kirstin Dunst plays a pretty, popular, blonde high school girl who lives for cheerleading. Give me a break. This stupid stereotype is not only sexist but also completely ungrounded in reality. Nobody is that much of an airhead. Dunst's character is about as one-dimensional as you can get. Oh yeah, she is also naive enough not to realize that her boyfriend is cheating on her until late in the movie. You can't help but want to knock some sense into her head.

Anyway, she finally fulfills her dream of leading her cheerleading team. Unfortunately, the team is soon beset with problems, and even with a new cheerleader (a former gymnast) they run into problems. They do make it to the national cheerleading competition, where their main competition is an inner-city school team.

The premise of this flick might have had mild potential before it was written. But "Bring It On" is badly scripted, ridiculously predictable, and pointless. Marketing this film as a dumb teen comedy might have been smart, if it actually managed to be funny - but it didn't.

Rated PG-13: For sex-related material and language

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