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Shanghai Noon

by Vivan Rose, age 15, from US

Normally I don't like "old western" movies, but "Shanghai Noon" gives the genre a lively new twist. Jackie Chan plays an Imperial Guard sent to the western United States to rescue the kidnapped princess (Lucy Liu). Once there, he meets up with a band of cowboy outlaws. An elaborate train heist and fight scene ensues, and eventually Chan ends up out on the prairie with an Indian tribe. Soon, however, he makes it back to civilization, and runs into his cowboy friend, Roy O'Bannon (Owen Wilson). They team up to save the princess.

Despite the fact that it was unrealistic, "Shanghai Noon" was quite entertaining. I've noticed that most Jackie Chan movies consist of a certain formula: Martial arts expert from Asia comes to America on a mission (usually to rescue a damsel in distress) and teams up with a radically different American. They work together, become friends, and save the day. As much as I am opposed to formulaic movies (cheap and easy moviemaking), I have to admit this method really works for Jackie Chan. I can even forgive the predictability. "Shanghai Noon", like his other films, is a laughable comedy and exciting martial arts movie.

Rated PG-13 for violence, drug humor, and some sexual references

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