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Blue Streak

reviewed by Vivian Rose, age 14, from US

"Blue Streak" may not win any Oscars for emotionally moving performances, but it's certainly refreshing.

Martin Lawrence plays Logan, a crook posing as his worst enemy - a cop. After spending two years in jail, he wants to get his hands on a $17 million dollar diamond hidden in a building's heating duct. The only catch: The building is now a police station - hence his ruse as a cop.

Other complications crop up. Saddled with an annoying partner, Logan is forced to run around playing cop for awhile, although he'd much rather be locating the diamond. (Several scenes in which he acts as a very irreverent cop are hilarious. He breaks numerous traffic laws, uses excessive profanity, employs physical battery to interrogate criminals, and illegally searches premises without a warrant. This proves wildly amusing.) Soon he runs into old criminal buddies, who are now enemies that want to get their hands on the diamond as well. Ah, what a tangled web he weaves.

Yet, interestingly enough, Logan makes a pretty good police officer. He even ends up helping the police to solve several crimes - using his hands on experience as a criminal!

"Blue Streak" is an uproariously funny and well- plotted movie. I noticed the movie theatre was packed when I saw the sneak preview - and everyone was laughing so hard, some parts were difficult to hear. Lawrence and the other actors are simply terrific.

My rating: 3 stars Rating :

Rated PG-13 (For language and violence)

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