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Dear People at the Contest:

Hello, is anybody reading this? I hope so, because I'm stuck in a computer at Jose Damian Elementary in the computer lab.

You see I'm not from this planet. I was sent from the planet Yousloperad [u-slo-prad] to check out all the mechanical devices in the rest of the galaxy. While I was tinkering around inside this computer, I touched a wrong microchip, and was locked in. How could something my size get locked inside a computer, you ask? Well, unlike you humans, I'm two inches tall.

Since I already told you I was from another planet, you can look at the pictures that came with this letter entitled "Picture 1" and "Picture 2." "Picture 1" is artwork of me and "Picture 2" is artwork of my planet.

I look so different than you because my species' bone structure is much more complicated than yours. My planet looks weird, because instead of having to breathe the oxygen in the air, I take in the humidity in the air. Luckily, your planet has the third highest humidity level in the universe, right behind us and the Dulogians, but that's another story.

The reason I was sent was to check out all the mechanical devices in the galaxy because we wanted to know how far ahead other species were technology-wise. Oh yeah, my name is Reglomber.

We are able to transport people from one place to another, because we have a higher I.Q. level than anything else in the galaxy. Our average I.Q. level is three-hundred fifteen when we are thirty [fifteen in human years]. I'm sixty-eight years old [thirty-four in human years]. A member of my species usually lives to be three-hundred [one-hundred fifty human years] because we have more kinds of medicines than you. For example, we learned how to make Pepto-Bismol five years after our species was formed!

!@##%%&&*()$%&@#. OOPS!! I'm sorry, I started to type in my language. What I wanted to say was, I wrote you because I thought you could help me get out by sending someone over to open up the computer and then I'll be free. I have to go now, I think I hear someone coming.




P.S. If you get a letter from someone saying he or she is from the computer lab at Jose Damian Elementary, asking if anyone suspicious wrote to you, PLEASE say no because it's my boss.



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