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I sighed helplessly. "Stupid old blob," I muttered. At this, the blob came out from under the shelf, suddenly looking twice as large and twice as repulsive as before. It jumped on one of the shelves. I gasped... The blob began moving rapidly across the shelf, devouring every piece of glassware in its way, growing ever larger. I threw bits of lined paper at it...anything to slow it down. It DID slow down, and every time it ate a piece of paper, it became ever so slower, ever so smaller. "YES!" I exclaimed softly. But no...I hadn't brought my pad of paper with me into the storeroom. I began to rip up my workbook, my worksheets, anything I could find in my hands and in the room, throwing them at the stupid blob.

Soon, after my hard work, the 'blob' was reduced to nothing. I crowed happily...then looked around me. Bits of paper scattered everywhere...ripped up worksheets, open drawers...drawers students were never meant to look in...I gulped. Finally, I cleaned up the papers, hoping that Ms. Lauries would find the drawers as they had been before, then grabbed two 50ml beakers, rushed out, placed them on the two tables, grabbed my things, and ran out of the science lab before Ms. Lauries could blink an eyelash.

I would get into more trouble, by gosh, but whatever... And now I sit here, in the Science lab with my class, watching Ms. Lauries frantically searching through 'Top Secret' drawers for our exam papers. I can only grin. May she never find out what I did! P.S. this story is not true.



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