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The Slime

by bluestarlite

"It's my turn to light the Bunsen Burner," I protested feebly as Hannah snatched the match away from my hand, laughing. "No it isn't," she said, calmly, striking out a flame and lighting the Bunsen Burner. "Hannah!" I shrieked, grabbing the now burnt match in vain. I sighed. That had been the fourth time in a row that she had kidnapped my match. Ah well. I'd get her back one day...

"Class, you should be starting to boil the water by now," our science teacher, Ms. Lauries, said, directing her stare at Hannah and me. I grinned back sheepishly, then nudged Hannah, who had been holding the beaker of water in the first place.

Hannah, who had been daydreaming as usual, was startled and the beaker slipped from her fingers. I let out a shrill scream and tried to grab it, but it dropped to the floor, the glass splintering into millions of pieces, the barely boiled water seeping slowly through the drains. Ms. Lauries gave us the Evil Eye, and the whole class turned around to look. I felt so embarrassed that all I could do was just stare at the floor and concentrate on wiggling my toes around in my shoes.

Hannah was smiling nonchalantly as if she hadn't done anything. "You will come here after school and not only clean up this mess but help me with some other things as well," Ms. Lauries told us sternly. "Yes, Ms. Lauries," I replied meekly. "In this room," she added. "3:05 sharp, no excuses."

I nodded, then went off, fuming. That was practically a detention! I'd have to get home more than an hour later! And the after school bus... I shuddered at the thought. All those teachers and senior students who liked to throw spitballs over your shoulder... I went back to my work, glaring at Hannah, who immediately began to give me soppy apologetic looks. I just couldn't resist her, and before we knew it, we were laughing together again.

* * *


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