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Just as I am getting ready to leave the riverbank, I hear a sound. I look around and see a small bundle on the ground. It appears to be moving. I look closer and realize that it is a small, almost featherless bird. The bird seems to be uninjured. I stand up and look around the brush. There on a branch above me is a small nest. I can hear quiet chirping from the nest as though there are other little birds in it. This one must have fallen out.

I pick up the small creature and gently carry him to the nest. While placing him in with his siblings I realize how lucky they will all be to have such a great place to grow up. I would like to fly around this beautiful, misty river and see it from a " bird's-eye."

That night I fall asleep almost before my head is on my pillow. There are no more nightmares, only beautiful dreams about flying above misty, sparkling, diamond rivers.



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