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The next day I go to see the river. It only has a few cans and bottles in it, which is good because I only brought one bag. As I clean the river's edges, I adopt a river. Maybe I should adopt this river. I finally decide that it's worth a try. My mom takes daily trips into town since we live so close; I get a ride from her.

I head out to the library to read up on adoption. The librarian looks at me a little strange when I first mention that I am interested in books on adoption; then I explain that I want to adopt a river, not a child. she helps me find several books about reclaiming land.

On the way home with my mom I explain what I want to do. I want to go public with the information I have found and also with the fact that the river is being polluted. this is not a one person project; everyone needs to help somehow, everyone can help.

That evening I write an article to submit to the local paper about the river. I describe it as I see it; clear, beautiful, misty with birds and animals all around. Then I describe it the way I found it, full of cans, broken bottles, old tires, newspapers, everyone's trash.


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